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Duf Sundheim and Burbank City Mayor Bob Frutos
Governor Pete Wilson and supporters in the Korean Community
Former Ambassador to Uraguay Frank Baxter
Governor Pete Wilson and Burbank City Mayor Bob Frutos
Mark Vafiades LA County Republican Committee Chair and County Supervisior Candidate Elan Carr


The Republican Buck and Ballot Brigade is one of the oldest political action committees in the San Fernando Valley. It was created at the request of then Congressman H. Allen Smith, around 1958. Mr. Walter Hunt of Glendale was one of the founding directors, and he is still a participant. Originally, the Buck and Ballot Brigade as it is usually named, was focused on raising funds for Republican Candidates in the 43rd Assembly District. Various elected officials such as Mike Antonovich, Newt Russell, Carlos Moorehead, Howard Thelin, James Rogan, and Ara Najarian participated in Buck and Ballot events and dinners. Various other Republican elected officials such as George Runner, Tony Strickland, Audra Strickland, and Bill Jones were often speakers at Buck and Ballot's Lincoln Day dinners at the Oakmont Country Club in Glendale or at the Buck and Ballot Summer Barbeque held often at the Jeffer's Estate in Montrose. One time the Buck and Ballot Brigade had Mrs. Bill Simon as the guest speaker in 2001 at the Gangi Estate in Glendale. Over 200 people attended that event.

Around the year 2006, the directors of the Buck and Ballot determined that the PAC needed to be reformed in a manner of a Corporate Structure, with a Political Director focused on getting people out to vote in all local elections. In the 2008 election, the 43rd assembly district had the highest percentage turnout of Republicans in the entire state of California. Buck and Ballot was very active in that effort.

Buck and Ballot is currently focused on having "meet and greet" types of events in Los Feliz and a "Bakery and Politics" event with speakers on various subjects such as the Music Industry, News media reporting, local project reporting, elected officials presentations, ( State Senate Minority Leader, Mr. Bob Huff gave a presentation about State of California finances), and issues of general interest to everyone.

Buck and Ballot, if finances permit, will pay expenses for High School Students to participate in "Get of the Vote" activities so that they can get service credit at School, and get their feet wet in the political process in local elections.

Buck and Ballot is now moving to an electronic platform for voter participation.

Republican Voters elect members of their Assembly District every 4 years during the Presidential Primary Election in June. Those members elected are sworn in at the Republican Party of Los Angeles County (RPLAC) organizational meeting in December.


How to Trump your cat-created by Dr. Tiffany Reed

The Buck & Ballot Brigade's mission:

  • To Educate Voters about the principles of the Republican Party
  • Provide information about all candidates in local elections
  • Inform and educate constituents
  • Make an impact on the political environment in the District.
  • The Buck and Ballot Brigade does not support, oppose, or endorse any Candidate or Committee

The Buck & Ballot Brigade's Goals are to:

  • Increase voter registration
  • Work to get all voters to turn out and participate in local elections
  • Promote an informed electorate
  • Work to get volunteers to encourage voter turn out, and to support the activities of these volunteers



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Contact us to find out about opportunities to volunteer in Glendale, Burbank and the surrounding communities.

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